Application Process

There are two ways to apply for funded positions in DoCS.

1. DoCS Pooled Calls for applications

There are pooled calls for open positions at the UniVie Doctoral School Computer Science every half year. The doctoral candidates selected in the two calls in one calendar year form a cohort of the doctoral school.

2. Open Positions

Positions that cannot be filled during the pooled calls will be opened in the meantime till the next call. Doctoral candidates joining DoCS this way will be placed in the cohort of the prior joint call.

Process for Admission to DoCS

The application and admission process is as follows:

  1. Applicants must submit their documents electronically by the deadline.
  2. The completeness of all submitted application documents is checked by the assigned administrative office. If necessary, documents with a deadline will be requested subsequently.
  3. Suitable applicants are invited to an interview by the advertising supervisor. Interviews will be performed in person, on the phone or via video-conference.
  4. The advertising supervisors select an applicant, which also includes a confirmation of supervision.
  5. The DSPL/Vice DSPL decides whether the applicant is qualified for doctoral studies and if so, under which conditions.
  6. In case of a positive decision and with the confirmation of supervision (by a supervisor and a co-supervisor), the selected candidate is admitted to doctoral studies as well as DoCS.

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