Why apply to DoCS?

DoCS offers a number of distinct benefits to prospective doctoral students:

  • World-leading researchers in Computer Science as supervisors and co-supervisors who pursue basic as well as applied research,
  • doctoral training across all research fields of the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Vienna,
  • a structured doctoral programme that supports early-career research in the areas of computer science and business informatics,
  • an intensive doctoral teaching programme tailored to the scientific needs of students in small topical groups,
  • funding of travel expenses for trips to conferences,
  • mentoring and peer coaching activities,
  • summer schools and retreats,
  • short term research stays at relevant international locations (secondments)
  • external visitors and mentors,
  • performance-based contract extensions for doctoral students in well-founded situations on a competitive basis (in future) and
  • other smaller-scale measure as well as initiatives by doctoral students.

Why do a PhD at the University of Vienna?