Why apply to DoCS?


  • World-leading researchers in Computer Science as supervisors and co-supervisors who pursue basic as well as applied research
  • a structured doctoral programme that supports early-career research in the areas of computer science and business informatics
  • an intensive doctoral teaching programme tailored to the scientific needs of students in small topical groups
  • performance-based contract extensions for doctoral students in well-founded situations on a competitive basis (in future)



  • funding of travel expenses for trips to conferences
  • short term research stays at relevant international locations (secondments)
  • other smaller-scale measure as well as initiatives by doctoral students

DoCS Support

The DoCS will also happily support you through the DoCS social media.

Did you get your paper published or accepted? Did you win an award in your field? Have you visited an interesting conference or had a great research stay? Did you just successfully present your public presentation or defense? You can let us know and we will gladly share your success with other people and scholars inside and outside of the Computer Science community!

Please contact us via email: docs@cs.univie.ac.at and you will be featured on our social media channels or just tag us in your posts with the #DoCSunivie hashtag:

Why do a PhD at the University of Vienna?