Doctoral Research Seminars

At least in the first six semesters of doctoral studies, each doctoral student should participate in one research seminar in each semester. That is, students have to take the Research Seminar 6 times with 3 ECTS each, i.e. in total 18 ECTS.

Doctoral students shall register in one of the Doctoral Research Seminars offered by their supervisor (or the course supervisor they study with this semester). Per default, students shall study in the course group and research cluster offered by their doctoral supervisor. Upon mutual agreement of doctoral supervisor, student, and another course supervisor, students can study in a Doctoral Research Seminar under the guidance of another course supervisor.

The selection of the appropriate seminar type Research Conception Seminar, Research Foundations Seminar, and Advanced Topics Research Seminar for a doctoral student will be made by the course supervisor in the preliminary meeting of the lecture.

Research Seminars Available (Winter Semester 2021/2022)

  • 500500 SE Doctoral Research Seminar - Algorithms and Computing
  • 500501 SE Doctoral Research Seminar - Data and Knowledge
  • 500502 SE Doctoral Research Seminar - Models and Systems
  • 500503 SE Doctoral Research Seminar - Human-Computer Interaction and Education


Note: The time of your registration within the registration period has no effect on the allocation of places (no first come, first served).

Registration is open from Mo 13.09.2021 09:00 to Mo 20.09.2021 09:00
Deregistration possible until Th 14.10.2021 23:59

Register for courses/exams via u:space, find out about the current status on u:find and on the moodle learning platform.

Types of Research Seminars

Research Conception Seminar: In these seminars, PhD students are optimally prepared for computer science research in their chosen research field and enabled to formulate a strong research proposal. This is worked out together with the supervisors. Teaching activities like the following take place: Workshops on research proposal preparation; preparation, presentations and discussion of literature and/or tools in a research area; overview of research methods.

Research Foundations Seminar: In these seminars, doctoral students work on research foundations in their chosen research field together with their supervisors. Teaching activities such as the following take place: research methods seminar; systematic literature studies; prototyping workshop; (open source) software study; writers' workshop.

Advanced Topics Research Seminar: In these seminars, doctoral students deepen the research basics by means of research subject-specific advanced topics together with their supervisors. Teaching activities like the following take place: advanced systematic literature studies; advanced prototyping workshop; advanced (open source) software study; advanced writers' workshop; in-depth discussions and workshops on in-progress papers/dissertation write-ups.