Doctoral Programme in Computer Science

The curriculum for the doctoral programme in Computer Science includes the following key elements:

  • The degree programme duration is 3 years
  • Courses of at least 12 ECTS (DoCS recommends a teaching programme of 18 ECTS of Research Seminars)
  • Public presentation of the intended doctoral project within the first year of doctoral studies 
  • Signing a doctoral thesis agreement subsequent to the public presentation
  • Periodical, at least annual progress reports
  • Write a doctoral thesis, which demonstrates the candidate's ability to master academic topics independently
  • Public defence

Please read your curriculum carefully. [The new curriculum will be made available here as soon as it has been officially issued. For the current curriculum, click here.]

For each doctoral position a supervisor and one or more co-supervisors will be assigned. The exact number of co-supervisors is decided by the supervisor after the student has been admitted to the doctoral program (but before admission to the doctoral school) based on the nature of the position, the availability of co-supervisors, and other constraints such as industry partnerships. Professors (full, associate, assistant) from the University of Vienna, but also from other universities can act as co-supervisors.