Doing a doctorate is a time-consuming task and requires high commitment. Therefore funding becomes an essential prerequisite so that you can focus on your research. In addition, funding costs for consumables and specific equipment or travel grants might be necessary to perform your research.

Funded positions in DoCS and the application proccess are explained here.

Funded by DoCS

The following non-exhaustive list of measures can be funded by DoCS:

  • Funded positions in DoCS are announced in Pooled Calls or as Open Positions.
  • Travel expenses for trips to conferences by students of the doctoral school.
  • Performance-based contract extensions for doctoral students in well-founded situations on a competitive basis (in future). 
  • Expenses for examiners in the thesis defences which are not covered by the University.
  • Mentoring or peer coaching activities, such as retreats or research events.
  • Summer schools or other teaching activities in the topic cluster teaching program.
  • Supporting the mobility of doctoral students, such as short term research stays at relevant international locations (secondments).
  • Funding external visitors and mentors, e.g. for research discussions or for special courses, including career development or entrepreneurship.
  • Smaller scale measures such as a regular research tea or cohort meeting.
  • Initiatives of doctoral students which can be proposed to the steering committee. Let us know your ideas and get in contact with DoCS.