Retreats & Summer Schools

The DoCS urge the doctoral students to apply for summer schools and to join the retreats, summer schools or other teaching activities that might be offered to them by their research clusters. This type of activities are organized inside research clusters for better inter-communication, connecting, sharing of ideas and stronger teambuilding.

By planning and organizing this type of activities, the doctoral students can also present their research ideas, research progress, but also ask their doctoral colleagues and supervisors about any sort of doctoral school, doctoral programme or doctoral journey related questions.

You will get all participation details via your research cluster once a retreat or summer school is organized. Please also regulary look at the DoCS News & Events calendar to never miss this sort of important information!

Funding requirements

Send us an email!

You have an inspiring, original idea that needs help funding to be organized? Get in contact with the DoCS, explain us your idea, and we will tell you about the best way we can support you!

Previous DoCS Retreats & Summer Schools


Please get in touch with your supervisor to discuss the next steps for your funding. If you have any questions regarding specific measures funded by DoCS, you can contact DoCS (