Initiatives of doctoral students

Doctoral student initiatives can be very beneficial because they serve as a means of organizing various student activities, which can be a fun way of connecting with other doctoral students or meeting more, international colleagues in the field. It can also be of use to help organize or participate in unique events and get-togethers from which all other doctoral students can also benefit.

A lot of these initiatives can be funded by DoCS and are strongly encouraged because they also promote better inter-peer communication, team building, doctoral school engagement, as well as external efforts and recognition. If you have original ideas for initiatives, let us know your ideas and get in contact with the DoCS!

Funding requirements

Send us an email!

You have an inspiring, original idea that needs help funding to be organized? Get in contact with the DoCS, explain us your idea, and we will tell you about the best way we can support you!

Previous initiatives of doctoral students


Please get in touch with your supervisor to discuss the next steps for your funding. If you have any questions regarding specific measures funded by DoCS, you can contact DoCS (