Frequently Asked Questions



How can I apply for the doctoral programme?

 Ongoing studies


How does the admission to the doctoral programme work?
I started as a doctoral candidate before DoCS was founded. What does DoCS mean for me?
I am almost finished with my PhD. Should I still join DoCS?
How do I join DoCS if I am already a doctoral student?

 Benefits of joining DoCS


What are the advantages of joining DoCS?
Can I attend international conferences?
What connects me to other DoCS students?

 PhD studies at DoCS


How long does a PhD at the Faculty of Computer Science take?
How many courses do I have to participate in?
I still need to visit courses in my studies. For which course shall I register in the next semester?
Which tasks do I have to perform in a Research Seminar?
Does a template regarding the design or format of the research proposal exist?
How is the faculty-open presentation handled?
Do I need to define a DoCS co-advisor? What is the difference between a co-supervisor and a DoCS co-advisor?
Does my co-supervisor have to be a professor at the University of Vienna?
Do I have to pay the tuition fee/students' union fee?

 Job conditions


What will my salary be?
How many days of paid vacation will I get?
Can my project contract be extended?
What happens when I quit my PhD?
How much German do I need and can the University of Vienna support me in learning it?
Which services are available to reconcile work and family life?

 Living in Vienna


What are the most important facts about Vienna, the University of Vienna and the Faculty of Computer Science?
What does Vienna have to offer?
Is it expensive to live in Vienna?
Who can help me with accommodation?
What do I have to consider before travelling or moving to Vienna?
Is there any financial support if I relocate from abroad to Austria to enter into new employment?

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