Apply Now: digital iLab @ University of Vienna (open until February 22)


Educational programme where aspiring innovators learn key tools and principles of entrepreneurship by blending theory and hands-on experience.

After an introductory phase, participants build start-up teams of 2 to 4 people to develop compelling business models. Course instructors mentor them at every step as they transform an initially rough idea into a mature business concept. At the end of the programme, start-up teams pitch their business idea to a jury of business experts.

In this programme we strive to achieve a high diversity of backgrounds. The ideal cohort will be formed by students of all genders and disciplinary areas (social and human sciences, economics, computer sciences, and natural sciences) equally represented. To make it easily accessible to international students, the entire course will be taught in English. The digital ilab is open to master students, PhD candidates, and postdocs. Participants do not have to apply with an entrepreneurial idea; we accept participants both without and with an initial idea. It is important, though, that if they participate with an early idea, they have not yet started working on a prototype.

  • Duration: 3-month intensive programme (150+ hours of class) for master students, PhD candidates, and postdocs
  • Idea: Teams will build around ideas proposed by students. Only a few ideas will be chosen by participants in a selection process.
  • Theme: The programme revolves around the overarching theme of human-technology relationship.



Given the high demand we have set up a two-step procedure to register to the course. In the first step, you should register using the link below. The deadline for applications is the 22nd of February 2024. By the 27th of February, we will contact the accepted participants and invite them to register through the university platform.

Registration and further information:

The digital ilab is coordinated by the DLE Research Services and Career Development and the Research Network Data Science. For enquiries, please contact