DoCS networking event including TTO presentation

22.06.2022 17:00

Registration deadline: June 16, 2022

We would like to invite you to a networking event on Wednesday, 22nd of June at 5 pm, including a presentation on the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the University of Vienna.

All event details are sent to you via email to your university email account.

The event registration is open for all DoCS doctoral students until the 16th of June.

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Technology Transfer: From Research to Innovation (Dr. Marco Masia & Dr. Tamara Pinterich)

What is innovation? What is its relation to research? Why is that relevant for researchers? In this presentation, we will answer these questions and explain the role of the University in supporting innovators.

We work at the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), the University body promoting innovation and catalyzing the societal impact of research.

We advise and help researchers to exploit the outcome of their research and valorize new knowledge in different ways, whether by sale or licensing of intellectual property (IP) or materi-als, or by establishing a new venture based on the technology (spin-off), or on new knowledge (academic start-up).

To get you acquainted with our services, we will introduce our TTO team and discuss IP related aspects of your day-to-day work. We will elaborate on how the TTO helps identify, valorize and protect IP. Finally, we will inform you about entrepreneurship and related activities at the University of Vienna.

The presentation will be held in an interactive style and we are looking forward to lively discussions on technology transfer.


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DoCS networking event including TTO presentation
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