Earthquake in Turkey and Syria - Help and Aid


Please reach out to help the countries and people affected by the earthquake

The news about the earthquake in Turkey in Syria have left us all deeply disturbed and concerned. As a doctoral school that connects doctoral students, researchers, supervisors, and fellows from international settings, including Turkey and Syria, we empathize deeply with the whole earthquake affected region.

Thanks to the Vienna Doctoral School of Historical and Cultural Studies, a non-exhaustive list of organizations which assist those affected by the earthquake has been made. Please support generously. Any donation, big or small, matters and can help many lives in Turkey and Syria.

At the University, there is a community of support for students whose families and loved ones have been impacted by the earthquake. Here are some student mental health and well-being resources:

Please share this news, donate as much as you are able to, and in case of any other suggestions for better help, please contact:

Help Turkey and Syria © Canva / © DoCS

Help Turkey and Syria © Canva / © DoCS