Faculty-open presentation WS22/23: D&K research cluster


Deadline for submission of documents: December 21st, 2022

The faculty-open presentations of the D&K research cluster will be held on 11.01.2023 from 5 pm.

To formally sign up for the faculty open presentation, please submit the following documents (in English or in German) to the SSC (ssc.informatik@univie.ac.at) by 21.12.2022:

  • Form SL / D11 (topic and supervisor registration)
  • Expose (<< 10 pages), named "last_first_name_matr.nr._expose.pdf"
  • Form SL / W1 (regulations on good scientific practice)
  • If your require or receive financial support from your RG, form SL / W4 (approval of financial support)

Download all forms on this page.

The faculty-open presentation procedure consists of your 20-minute presentation on your dissertation topic followed by a 10-minute discussion.

Please also prepare the Doctoral Thesis Agreement (DZ/V01) together with your supervisor. Even though there is no formal deadline, this agreement should be signed and submitted in close proximity to a (successful) faculty-open presentation.

Public presentation

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