Research Phase

Doctoral Research Seminars

Doctoral students attend Research Seminars. They advance through the following seminars:

Research Conception Seminar: In these seminars, PhD students are optimally prepared for computer science research in their chosen research field and enabled to formulate a strong research proposal. This is worked out together with the supervisors. For example, teaching activities like the following take place: Workshops on research proposal preparation; preparation, presentations and discussion of literature and/or tools in a research area; overview of research methods.

Research Foundations Seminar: In these seminars, doctoral students work on research foundations in their chosen research field together with their supervisors. For example, teaching activities such as the following take place: Research Methods Seminar; Systematic Literature Studies; Prototyping Workshop; (Open Source) Software Study; Writers Workshop.

Advanced Topics Research Seminar: In these seminars, doctoral students deepen the research basics by means of research subject-specific advanced topics together with their supervisors. For example, teaching activities like the following take place: Advanced Systematic Literature Studies; Advanced Prototyping Workshop; Advanced (Open Source) Software Study; Advanced Writers Workshop; In-depth discussions and workshops on in-progress papers/dissertation write-ups.

A Research Seminar is offered by at least 3 supervisors. A jointly offered Research Seminar is offered throughout the semester as well.

Research Seminars Available

For more information see our overview of currently available research seminars.

Submission of annual progress reports

Doctoral candidates have to submit a progress report every year once they have passed the public presentation.

Please note that for many funding schemes (e.g. dissertation completion fellowship) studying according to the university regulations is required. This includes the subsmission of annual progress reports.

Annual progress reports

The annual progress report "Annual Report (DZ/V2)" has to be sent to the StudiesServiceCenter Computer Science. The annual progress report can be submitted either in English or in German (German forms).

Conferences and Publications

Communicating research results at conferences and through publications is an integral part of scientific work. Doctoral candidates are encouraged to present their research as early as possible in the scientific community to exchange with colleagues and to direct attention to their own research.

Funding of travel expenses

Travel expenses for trips to conferences can be funded by DoCS. Please get in contact with DoCS for the required documents and standards.

Also further funding possibilities exist.

Career Development

Doctoral students can participate in a number of courses and activities to advance their careers.

Workshops, events and activities

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